Agentur Zimmermann - CMG Client Management Group
Agentur Zimmermann - CMG Client Management Group

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Independent communication consulting
  • Sponsoring
  • Special ads
  • Testimonials
  • 360° campaigns
  • Sponsoring
Conceptual design of national and international sponsorships
  • Targeted selection and recommendation of sponsoring environments and partners
  • Placing of sponsorships and partnerships
  • Contract negotiations and conclusion
  • Supervision and realisation of all sponsorships rights
  • Conceptual design and realisation of all accompanying activities (PR, media booking, special ads, events, 360° etc.)

Special ads and media planning
  • Development, Selection and booking of on-air and off-air special ads, e.g. presentings, competitions, promotions
  • General media planning and booking
Event management
  • Conceptual design and entire realisation of events and incentives
  • Guest management
  • Selection, booking and coordination of external service providers
Testimonial placement and client management
  • Consulting, Selection and placement of brand ambassadors
  • Marketing services and acquisation of partners for celebrities, e.g. actors, comedians, anchormen, athletes
  • Management, career planning, marketing and sponsor services or acquisition for professional athletes