Agentur Zimmermann - CMG Client Management Group
Agentur Zimmermann - CMG Client Management Group

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Who we are

ZIMMERMANN Büro für Sponsoring und Sonderwerbeformen GmbH is an independent full service agency focused on Below-the-line communication. Since the agency was founded in 1998 the team and freelancers advise well-known clients strategically and create concepts for sponsorships, events and special ads. We also help properties (events, leagues, teams, sports, federations, etc) value their "assets", strategically plan how to generate incremental revenue and actually get out on the street and sell meaningful, integrated sponsorship programs.

Sponsoring is more than a logo on the board
In today‘s communication landscape with multiple advertised brands there are huge budgets necessary to reach the target group by classical ads like TV commercials, print ads, etc. Through live broadcastings and attendant media reporting the tool sponsoring generates added media values. Therefore you can strengthen a brand profile quickly, cost-effectively and long-lasting by sponsorships in sportive or cultural environments.

ZIMMERMANN sets big value on integrated sponsorships which are linked to other marketing channels. A sponsorship should set brand presence but also integrate products, CRM activities and other communication tools (PR, advertising, etc.). It is proved, that the only presence of logos is not sufficient to reach the communication aims. By a conceptual integration of key visuals, special ads, side events or promotions and “money can’t buy” incentives for retailers and customers a brand becomes alive, emotional and touchable.

Celebrities as testimonials – authenticity and lasting effects vs. arbitrariness  
The agency advises agencies and companies on suitable testimonials and places celebrities as brand ambassadors. The agency also manage well-known athletes, actors, comedians and other stars and develops marketing strategies and sportive careers.

Since a few years the assignment of celebrities as brand ambassadors increased strongly. Therefore the right choice of a brand ambassador becomes more and more important. ZIMMERMANN advises companies, which celebrity is suitable for the brand and the communicative targets. Afterwards the agency uses it‘s contacts to celebrities and managements to assign stars as brand ambassador on behalf of it‘s clients. Authenticity, lasting, uniqueness and usability for several marketing activities are important reasons for the agencies’ selection.